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Date: 2017-12-25 03:01

Each entry purchased has a corresponding ticket. Each ticket has a unique barcode that will be scanned at the entrance to the area in which the event takes place.


The spectacle starts at the time given on the tickets. Only the time shown on the ticket is guaranteed and valid. No reimbursement will be given to Clients who arrive late.
Numbered seats are guaranteed only until the curtains open at the beginning of the spectacle
The doors to the theatre/concert hall* will be closed as soon as the spectacle starts and out of respect for the audience and the performing artists, placement in numbered seats can only be guaranteed until the curtains open. No reimbursement or exchange will be accepted for late arrival, the time of the beginning of the spectacle is clearly announced when the tickets are purchased and shown on them.

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Duplicating and counterfeiting entrance tickets in any way whatsoever is strictly prohibited.
Any person who illegally reproduces an entrance ticket and/or uses a counterfeit ticket incurs the risk of being prosecuted.
LUMA /Arles refuses access to its site to any holder of a ticket that has already been scanned.
The re-sale of tickets at a price higher than that shown on the ticket is prohibited.

LUMA /Arles reserves its right to refuse entrance to the event if several print-outs, reproductions, copies or imitations of an electronic ticket are in circulation and if the access to an event has already been granted to the holder of a print-out, a reproduction or a copy or an imitation of the corresponding electronic ticket.

Any service for made-up groups on predetermined dates must be paid for in advance, at least 76 days before the service for guided tours with a lecturer and at least 7 days before for services without a lecturer.
If no payment has been received at these dates the options will automatically be cancelled.

IF LUMA /Arles were to cancel the services shown on the ticket or on the booking form, the Client will be contacted as quickly as possible and informed of any possible rescheduling of the service concerned.

Group services must be paid for in advance (in compliance with the arrangements in article of these General Terms of Sale) by bank transfer, credit card, and cheque or cash payment.

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Le droit d’entrée d’un spectacle, d’un concert, ou d’un autre événement à destination du public individuel donne accès à l’espace où se déroule l’événement en question.
Les ventes des droits d’entrée de prestations à séance sont traitées dans la limite des contingents alloués à une offre.
Toute sortie de l’espace dans lequel est organisé l’événement est définitive.

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